Emergency Preparedness -
Emergency Communications

 The Targets And The Purpose:
This presentation is intended for unit leaders, preparedeness specialists, Priesthood or Relief Society leaders, Provident Living Specialists, Emergency Communications Directors, Radio Communications Special- ists and the general membership. It encompasses information assisting in the assessment of your level of emergency preparation and in the development of a plan appropriate to your needs.

Several resources in varied formats are provided for your use in your efforts to enhance the preparation of yourself, your unit and the member- ship at large but as a start take a look at the Power Point link below.
The Potential Problems:
With the events of 911, the 2005 hurricane Katrina and local hazardous weather events it is an imperative that individuals and units give heightened consideration not just to the physical level of personal preparedness but also to the very real possibility that regular forms of communications will be either impaired or totally unavailable. In particular, unit leaders need to ask themselves how they will gather information about the welfare of their membership and their neighbors and reliably pass that on to appropriate higher escelon leaders.
"Beware the ides of March."
Preparedness Power Point Presentation
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