Preparedness - Where Do I Start?
You may not have had any exposure to emergency planning, radio communications or other facets of becoming fully prepared. Almost all members of the Church, though, have heard about the topics of food storage, education & employment. These are all part of the prepared- ness concept. Even though you may feel overwhelmed by the topic now
if you take a few first steps and take things one step at a time you will be surprised at the progress you will make. And, don't forget that there are many around you that can help you in fashioning a plan and assisting you in getting adequately trained so that you'll feel more confident with the task before you. The important thing is to not become paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy but to move forward NOW.

Click on the links below to see some preliminary preparedness thoughts. First, there's a checklist to help you get started. Second, there's a link to a Church web site with more specific guidelines as helps.
While, ultimately, preparedness is a personal responsibility for us all, unit leaders are strongly counseled to have plans developed at the Ward or Branch level to cover the most common potential emergency conditions that might be locally encountered. These plans are to be provided to the Stake leadership. On the next pages we'll touch on several topics for consideration.
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How Do I Start?
"When the time for action comes, the time of preparation has passed."