At some point you will need to evaluate the potential conditions you might face. How would you address a flood or tornado? Are there special needs family members or special medications that are essential? Where would you evacuate to if required to do so? Have you selected a rally point for your family? How will you contact each other?

If your perspective is at the unit level then similar concerns are present but the scope is larger. Also, just what will be your benchmark for declaring that you have an emergency larger than what you can reasonably handle from within? A sample flow chart link is at the right.
Preparedness Preliminaries
What About Communications Restoration?
Assessment of conditions within our units depends upon information and getting that information into the hands that can best marshall resources to appropriately respond to both existing and expected conditions. In many emergency conditions one of the first items to break down is communications. How do we implement a communications restoration
plan? A simple local Area architecture link can be seen at the right.

Radio communications solutions can fill the void and allow families and Church units to have reliable emergency communications. The primary technologies most easily implemented are the Amateur Radio Service (Ham radio) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). The backbone in the Marietta East Stake is amateur radio while we are further investigat- ing the efficacy of GMRS. Two links at the right will provide some pre- liminary information but we'll address both in more detail soon.
- Emergency Radio
- Is GMRS for you?
- Sample Flow Chart
- The Area Concept

     Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Communications

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