How Do We Organize?
How can you organize your preparedness efforts within your unit. First is your leadership organization. There is minmal information to be found on Church web sites but here are three links to documents that may be helpful in your visualizing what might work for you.
The Reporting Chain
What will be your reporting structure for getting information regarding the welfare of members during and after an emergency? Remember the HT & VT structure touched on above? Will they really be of help in the worst case scenario? A geographically based concept may be better. See the link below for a visual using Areas that are about 1 - 1.5 miles in size.
One Organization
A Second Approach
Cold, snow and ice are looming possibilities but a NOAA weather alert radio can sound the alarm when threats come into your area.
    Local chain merchants often have these on sale.

     Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Communications

Another consideration as you organize your efforts may be a geographic analysis of your unit boundaries and the distribution of your members within those. You may also want to think about your Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching routes. Frequently these are given little consideration as to distance traveled. How easily will these stewards be able to travel from one place to another in time of emergency? You may want to break up your unit into geographically based Areas or neighborhoods. That would also lend itself to a communications restoration plan. Look at the links below to view how an Area concept might piece together.
The Area Concept
The Ward Concept
NOAA Weather Radio Link
Reporting Hierarchy
The Latest View

Hurricane season is ending but the winter weather is coming?
    Are You Ready ?

Below is a link to a guide on severe weather that will help you prepare. Also, don't forget to update your car "Day Pack" and check your 72 hour kits.
A Severe Weather Guide