Radio Communications Personnel
Once you have established a plan for emergency radio communications then you need to call a group of qualified licensed operators as radio com- munications specialists under the leadership of a Ward Emergency Communications Director. Below you will find sample forms for extending these callings with descriptions of these positions included.
Training, Training, Training
The Stake conducts a weekly radio net providing opportunities for operators to gain experience and training. There is also a newsletter that is published periodically for all the Stake licensed personnel and there are workshops scheduled from time to time for them. In similar fashion there are Stake Emergency Communications Director personnel as resources for all units and their operators to assist in whatever capacity is needed.

Below are the net script copies as well as the log form for reference.
Calling Form: Emerg. Comm. Dir.
Calling Form: Radio Comm. Specialist
Calling Form: Emergency Preparation Specialist
MEGAN Repeater Net Script
MEGAN Repeater Net Log
MEGAN Simplex Net Script
MEGAN Simplex Net Log

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