Marietta - East Stake
EMCOMM Planning Resources

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We can help you with training for the Technician amateur radio license through our preparation classes offered usually on an annual basis.

We also can help in the select-
tion of radio equipment for new operators should they need help over any obstacles.
We're Here To Help!
Stake Communications Resources:
Sid Bishop - KB4QKZ
315 Homestead Circle
Kennesaw, GA
Land Line Telephone:
770 926 8375
Cell Phone:
 678 851 0505
Jim Alderdice - N1ABM
202 Jody Lynn Ct.
Woodstock, GA
678 529 6980
We can also help with technical advice for those needing a hand in that department.

Finally, we are a resource to the operators in our Stake hopefully providing a team focus and building a pool of competent operators with the skills needed in disasters and other less trying instances.
   Jim Alderdice - N1ABM - Web Composition