Preparedness Is Your Responsibility
We've been counseled for many decades to be prepared for the trials of life that can come our way and that the overall responsibility for this rests with each individual. Much information is available to assist us in this effort and a primary source is the Church's Provident Living website. A link is below:
What's Available Here
While the Provident Living web site is a primary source for you, this presen- tation also provides a wide array of other helps that will allow you to develop a preparedness plan for individual, family or Ward/Branch needs. While it covers many essential considerations it is not intended to be, nor can it be in unpredictable conditions, the last word. Also, recognize that this resource includes presentations of both approved Church resources as well as some not having specific Church endorsement. Some of the subjects covered in this view are:

Emergency Preparedness -
Emergency Communications

Provident Living - A Primary Preparedness Site
Preparedness Overview
How Do I Start?
Church Information Pages
A Disaster Flow Chart
Emergency Ham Radio Info
Is GMRS for you?
Ward Emergency Organization
NOAA Weather Radio
An EMCOMM Architecture
A Sample Ward Emergency Plan
Emergency Planning Manual
Training Resources
This is not an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nor is it endorsed by the Church. The Church bears no responsi- bility for it other than for its specifically provided public web site links found herein. This is a privately developed resource of varied prepar- edness information merely meant to assist members of the Church and others con- cerned with preparedness issues. No liability is either implied or assumed by any party mentioned or not mentioned herein.